Pregnancy & Physical Therapy 101 – Week 4

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are some success stories from new mommies who have utilized our services and have had improved symptoms, both during and after pregnancy. If you are feeling pain, discomfort, or are afraid to start working out, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are here to help 🙂

Pregnancy PT recommendation – I’ve been going to TOPS since its inception, the staff and I have been through a few surgeries, This time we took on pregnancy. Having had 2 shoulders, double mastectomy with reconstruction and a back surgery, I knew my body would need help on this 9 month journey. I didn’t want to do any damage to my joints or have undue stress on my back. As an avid swimmer gaining 30 plus pounds is a whole change and shock to my body. I would go in 1-2 times per week for maintenance therapy. As my weight increased and belly grew my pain and tightening of muscles would shift too. Amy and Chad were able to keep my pelvis in alignment, and break up my tightening fascia to allow me to continue to exercise at a high level. They also had programs designed to adjust with my progress. A very strong core and pelvic floor is key to a healthy pregnancy. I wanted to maintain these key muscle groups to reduce unnecessary stress on my low back, shoulders, and hips. Furthermore, pregnancy is full of leg cramps! Add working out on top and you are primed for the worst cramps of your life. As a pharmacist, I was taking my full vitamin regimen with extra calcium and magnesium to help with these cramps. You also can’t do too much salt when pregnant or you will swell. Again, my weekly PT sessions worked on my legs and the cramping was reduced. I can’t say enough about the staff at TOPS. I love them!

-Lindsey B.

At the beginning of my second trimester I started to have pain in my back and hips. Thinking this was normal pregnancy pain I just dealt with it for a few months. Finally, it got to the point where my belly brace was no longer helping and I went to see Amy at TOPS. She did a few manipulations, re-positioned my hips, and showed me some stretches which my husband could help with at home. This one appointment saved me lots of pain throughout my third trimester and I wish I would have gone in sooner. They even helped me after my C-section, with some strengthening moves, to build my core and pelvic floor back up. I defiantly recommend them to all of my pregnant friends now!!

-Ruth P.

To all of the new and soon-to-be-moms, hope this article helps! I’ve been working with my therapist to strengthen my core postpartum, but have been surprised that many women just jump into a workout routine without any help. Who knew crunches can be bad postpartum?? I didn’t, until I spoke with my therapist. Here is another article that supports and breaks down the benefits of physical therapy for new moms!

-Jenny B.

Abdominal Rehab article from Baby Center: