About Us

Mission Statement

The TOPS Physical Therapy staff is committed to providing effective, quality rehabilitation services in a supportive environment. Our clinic is dedicated to helping patients achieve their personal goal of physical function.

We provide an equal level of care for all patients and devote the time to understand and address the individual's needs. To achieve optimal outcomes for our patients, we create personalized, evidence-based treatment programs.

TOPS clients, patients, and staff form a respectful community of education, support, and encouragement. We seek to be of service to the greater community, including our military and first responders. Working together, we strive to achieve the highest standards of professional care.

Core Values

  • Respect for the Individual: At TOPS we recognize, acknowledge and embrace that nobody has a body like your body. Every patient's treatment is individualized to their needs and goals for effective results.
  • Equal Level of Care for Every Patient: Every patient who walks through our doors - pediatric, geriatric, athlete, or weekend warrior - expects, deserves, and will receive the highest level of our expertise, time, and attention.
  • Progress and Results: Our TOPS team carefully monitors patient progress and makes adjustments to treatment plans as necessary in order for the patient to achieve their desired results.
  • A Caring and Supportive Atmosphere: We are a family-oriented enterprise and we actively promote an atmosphere of support and encouragement.
  • Evidence-Based Practice: TOPS staff is engaged in scholarly activities including ongoing continuing education to provide current and proven techniques and treatments, as well as being clinical instructors. Our expectation is for our patients to have an understanding of their condition and treatment plan.