I've been to multiple therapy clinics across Phoenix and T.O.P.S. is the best by far. After going through months of therapy and seeing numerous specialists I didn't know where to turn. At that point, I was referred to T.O.P.S. Physical Therapy. Within one visit, my pain was reduced and I was able to walk again.

The therapists go out of their way to ensure that you're not doing anything to make your condition worse. Furthermore, each visit is unique and the manual therapy techniques are thoughtful and vary depending on your symptoms. At T.O.P.S., you're not a part of an assembly line, left alone to do your home exercise program to the tune of a timer. You get individualized and comprehensive care. The same is true for all of the techs, students, and interns.

Finally, thanks to their extensive training, care, and expertise, we found a stability issue that would've otherwise gone undetected. I can't thank Amy and her staff at T.O.P.S. enough for helping me to get well.

If you want to see someone that listens to you, cares about your pain levels, and does their darnedest to provide you with a plan that actually works, go to T.O.P.S. Physical Therapy.

Courtney L.

Coming to T.O.P.S. Physical Therapy has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have suffered from low back pain nearly all of my adult life, and really just considered it a part of my life with no real remedy. I have been to spine surgeons, chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists in the past, but never with much consistency or much effectiveness. It was a simply a normal part of my life to experience pain while exercising, and "throw out" my back about once every 6 months, which would put me in bed for 1-2 days and out of physical activity for at least a week or two.

This past August, I experienced an injury to my back, and figured it was going to be the same couple of days until I would be up and around again. However, this time was different. My muscles were in a constant spasm, and I was unable to even move out of (what seemed like) a hunched over 90 degree angle. I needed to get on medication, had my first steroid shot, and knew I needed to seek additional help. I have been going to T.O.P.S. since August 19th and have never felt better.

Not only did they help me through my injury, but they have continued to help me maintain an (almost) pain free life. I am back to exercising regularly, and the moment that compelled me to express my gratitude was my experience this past Thanksgiving holiday. I spent long hours in a plane, slept in different hotel beds, and ran a 5K, and did not experience pain in any situation. I came back to therapy after the holiday announcing that I was cured! I know it will take regular maintenance, but the physical therapy I have received at T.O.P.S. has been the ONLY thing that has worked for me. I recommend this clinic to everyone!

Kristin H.

The people there are awesome starting from checking in all the way to leaving. Naomi, Amy, Matt, Chad, Kenny, and even the interns are great. First started there and wasn't able to walk really, now I'm 2 weeks out from heading back to work, thank you T.O.P.S.!

Mario L.

I was dreading going to PT 3 times a week and in just 1 month I have improved so much! I still have a long way to go, but I actually enjoy going to T.O.P.S.! They are experienced, knowledgeable, accommodating, fun and most of all friendly! I highly recommend them...Thanks T.O.P.S. staff for being AMAZING!!!

Jennie W.

T.O.P.S is fantastic. They literally are the tops at what they do. They helped make my marathon goals a reality. First people I recommended for physical therapy, hands down.

Andrea O.

I love this place. Getting better while having a good time!

Tony M.

These therapists know what they are doing! My hips have given me a lot of trouble, but under their care the pain is gone! The office staff here is awesome and they have all been very helpful. I would highly recommend going here if you have had a lousy experience somewhere else. Go see for yourself. You'll be wondering what took you so long to find someone who truly cares about their patients and know what they are talking about.

Bo S.

Outstanding professional staff. Patient care above all others. A pleasure to work with!

Steve R.

Amy Brannon, at T.O.P.S. Physical Therapy, got rid of my lower back pain in less than 24 hours. The pain started three weeks prior and got progressively worse. I tried a chiropractor, a massage therapist, and took lots of pain meds. Nothing helped. I was in agony. Amy Brannon took away the pain almost immediately and what little discomfort I had left was gone in less than 24 hours. I am very grateful to her.

Kathy F.

I am a disabled veteran whose renowned surgeon SENT me to Dr. Amy Brannon, not because she worked at a particular facility, but BECAUSE of who she is! Her knowledge and skill set is incomparable! She is directly responsible for me walking again without using a walker full-time. When she opened her OWN facility, I followed her! No brainer! Go with the best, forget the rest! Naomi is ALWAYS helpful and greets you with a smile! She KNOWS the clients by name at T.O.P.S. Chad and Amy are T.O.P.S. in their field! TOPS in helping you achieve the BEST you possible!

Saundra K.

I've been with this team for 4 years now. They are wonderful for any and everything. I've gone through a broken foot, 2 shoulder surgeries, a back surgery and maintenance work with Amy, Chad and Naomi. Naomi will help you with all your billing and scheduling questions and Chad and Amy till take care of the physical therapy. They're attention to detail is incomparable and the care is top notch. WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE TOPS!!! I will never go anywhere else. EVER! Thanks T.O.P.S.

Lindsey U.

T.O.P.S. is a second home. The people here are what make the difficult battle of getting back to being strong much easier to bare. I drive an hour out of my way to be here every week and I wouldn't change that for any other place. Love T.O.P.S., love the people, love their work. Highly highly recommended.

Karli H.

In 2011, I dislocated my right shoulder, when I fell running to my car in a wet parking lot.

My right shoulder caught the front bumper of my car "square." It dislocated my shoulder so much, it was readily visible. The ER doctor had to put me "out" in order to set it.

The following day, I called Chad Bohls and he arranged an appointment with a physician, that very same day. After looking over my X-Rays, the doctor prescribed physical therapy, hoping to avoid surgery. I had never been through physical therapy before, so I did not know what to expect.M

In the beginning it was very intense for me. I was very thankful that Amy Brannon was working on my shoulder. She was very professional. She always explained what she was going to do, how she was going to do it and how it was going to help me. She was also very patient and caring. I was also fortunate to have Chad Bohls work on me later in my treatment. He too, was a true professional.

After four months of physical therapy, I was able to avoid surgery and get back on the golf course. My right shoulder actually is stronger and feels better than my left shoulder.

If I ever need physical therapy in the future, I will be call T.O.P.S., so I can be treated by Amy and Chad.

Satisfied patient,


After my knee injury I thought that my days of running triathlons were over. In there months the staff at T.O.P.S. got me back on the trails. They are always supportive, positive, and very knowledgable. They worked as hard as I did and results came faster than I imagined. If you need any kind of physical therapy I strongly recommend T.O.P.S. they are awesome!


T.O.P.S. is hands down the best pt in Phoenix! Caring and outgoing therapists who push you to achieve your ultimate goal. 100% would recommend to anyone!

Cameron J.

This is the best physical therapy on the planet!!

Michael D.

Not only does T.O.P.S. have the best staff, but the quality of care is the best you will find in AZ! Everyone there is always kind, fun, outgoing, and most of all they genuinely care about their patients. They make you feel comfortable, get you healthy, all while delivering the highest quality of care you truly deserve. LOVE T.O.P.S.!

Nicole W.

This place is one of a kind! The staff is amazing and I love the environment! They make you feel comfortable and give you the quality of care you deserve. Highly recommend T.O.P.S.!

Cristy T.

I've always battled injuries while being a student athlete. T.O.P.S. has helped me get healthy again and better my game! I don't know what I would do without their amazing staff and treatment! I wish I found this place sooner!!! Love them!!!

Keaton R.

This place is the best!! Friendly workers, great atmosphere, definitely recommend!

Amanda D.

IT'S GREAT; I love everyone that works there; They are so friendly.

Hannah F.

T.O.P.S. is the best! Except that Chad guy...he's awesome!

Tyler W.

Honestly what can you say about family 
That how this place make you feel 
Always concerned about what happening and how they can correct and get you feeling a lot better 
Personally I would not trust anyone 
Expect T.O.P.S.

Carlito's O.

The T.O.P.S. Team is Top Notch!!! I had a hip replacement, and I just thought I was going to get some exercises to do, and that was going to be the extent of it. However, I was thoroughly interviewed at my initial visit and immediately felt really confident in the group there - very professional. Every visit I am asked how I am doing, and how I feel. I have noticed huge advances in my range of motion and strength. The T.O.P.S. Team not only works on strengthening exercises, but also works on manipulating the muscles that have not been used in the last couple of years or so - I feel this is key. I look forward to my appointments and would heartily recommend T.O.P.S.!

Jen B.

Absolutely the best and most knowledgeable professional PT I have ever had!!! I highly recommend the place to all professional and even non-professional athletes as well as regular civilians!

Shahram M.

How does the saying go, "the proof is in the pudding". Our daughter spent her summer conditioning with Chad. He helped her improve agility, strength and speed. Watched her practice with the team and saw the fruits of her labor. She's improved immensely and will have one of her best seasons yet. The entire staff is awesome and has helped her confidence soar! This was a summer well spent. Thanks T.O.P.S.!!

Dorothy F.

They are awesome! Best recovery atmosphere! They know what they are doing and make you feel great!

Raymond D.

T.O.P.S. took really good care of me. Special shout out to Jordan!! She was amazing. I was very nervous because I have never had physical therapy before but she was very patient with me and answered my questions!

Phillip L.

This place is truly the best!! Everyone makes you feel welcome right away and gives you "top" notch treatment better than 'Cheers' (the TV Show)! I have had low back problems for a very long time and within a month I have seen a difference. T.O.P.S. is fun, the people are great and they make sure that you are doing your stretches, workouts, etc. with proper technique. I love T.O.P.S and look forward to every PT appointment, not to mention it is very family oriented and I love that!

Karina A.

This place is the best!! It's fun, great people, good music and an overall great experience. Everyone makes you feel welcome right away and gives you "top" notch treatment. 🙂

Jami Alison C.

No physical therapy will ever beat T.O.P.S.! Very professional and friendly!

Jazmyn M.

They are an amazing group of people! I went in for a hurt ankle. My first few sessions I went in limping with an ankle brace. After a about 3 weeks of going twice a week I really saw the difference! Amy's hands are what I like to call "powerful healers". She was awesome and really tended to my injury. Kenny was the one who oversaw my exercises always checking in on me making sure I was doing them right and if I was okay. Chad also played a big role as well as he overlooked my progress and pain levels. Chad is one of the nicest guys I've ever met!! The rest of the staff was very friendly, even the interns! As soon as you walk in someone always greets you by name! The place is very laid back and relaxed! I would recommend them to anyone that is need of physical therapy!

Omar M.

Best atmosphere and therapy in the valley! Only wish there were more locations!

Shayne T.

Amy & T.O.P.S. Staff,

I first became aware of T.O.P.S. Physical Therapy, following an arthroscopic surgery, when my orthopedic surgeon recommended them, saying that it was his favorite PT facility in all of Phoenix. It turned out to be the best medical recommendation I was ever given!

This amazing state-of-the-art facility is run by a highly qualified group of Doctors of physical therapy and very qualified therapists.
They design a personally tailored program for each client so that each are able to successfully rehabilitate in a timely manner. The individualized attention that each client receives here, is probably its most outstanding feature, and far higher than I received at other similar facilities.

You are dealing with an experienced staff, there are no trainees, and they do not take short cuts here. They excel in personalized rehabilitation incorporating advanced therapeutic techniques, while utilizing state of the art equipment in a bright and modern facility that is immaculately clean and well organized. Because they have several Doctors of Physical therapy on staff, I discovered that I do not have to have a Doctor's script to obtain treatment at this facility.

This would be, most convenient should I ever need physical therapy in the future. I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed working with this talented team who create a positive atmosphere, dedicated to getting you back on track stronger and more confident than ever before!

Simply put, T.O.P.S. is TOPS!

Linda C.