Should Kids Play Multiple Sports or Not?

One of subjects that is getting to be a hot topic is looking at our kids in playing sports. The debate is whether or not they should just play one or play multiple sports. TOPS opinion would be to play multiple sports and here is why:

  1. Potentially reduce the risk of overuse injuries.
    Playing the same sport year-round trains the same movement patterns which leads to muscular imbalances and asymmetries. Take a pitcher or a thrower for example and have them throw year-round at high level. Their shoulder or elbow takes on maximal torque and then eventually the soft tissue and/or ligaments wear down and become injured.
  2. Playing multiple sports keeps kids drive and passion up longer.
    Kids lose their drive they grow tired of things quickly (because they are kids) when they play only one sport. Playing multiple sports allows them to play a sport for a period time and then get an opportunity to hit the reset button and begin something else. Not only does it shift gears completely it allows them to get hungry again for the sport they just finished because they will probably get tired of their next sport.
  3. Can actually become an “Athlete.”
    You can make an argument for a person who plays one specific position year-round that they are not really athletes. They are only good at their one specific sport and even further, one specific position. Playing multiple sports allows you to train different movement patterns, which will constantly challenge your body. This will allow your body to become stronger and more athletic.

These are just a few reasons as to why we strongly believe kids should play multiple sports as long as they can.