Cancer Sucks. Exercises To Get You Moving! Week 3

Week 3:

So now we’ve discussed the problems that someone can have with surgical procedures associated with breast cancer, or elective surgery, but what can WE do for it??

There are many exercises that we will teach you or give you an option of doing, but a majority of it comes down to posture, Posture, POSTURE! Yes, our mothers were right. We need to sit up straight, with our shoulders back! I know, this isn’t easy!!

Our #1 educational point when working with women who have large breasts, whether naturally or surgically, or had a mastectomy, is to learn how to sit with improved posture to help support the front side. This not only means strengthening exercises, but all day, every day, learning how to sit with improved posture to help take the strain off of the neck and upper back. This will greatly decrease headaches, arm tingling, and the need for that back hook pushing on that pain right next to the shoulder blade. One of the best things we can do while at work is to set an alarm for every hour to remind you to improve your posture. If every hour is not enough, do it every 30 minutes until you make it a habit. You may have to change your workspace a little to accommodate your needs as well.

In regards to exercises, the best ones are going to be those that help support the postural muscles! We need to increase the endurance on the back side to be able to support the improved posture we are trying to gain. The first thing most people are going to do, rightfully so, is YouTube or Google “Postural Strengthening”…go for it! We encourage it! That’s a great place to start.

Otherwise, incorporating these small movement exercises into your daily routine are encouraged! If you aren’t sure what they are, again, you can look them up, or come in and see us! We would love to teach you, help you, and get you on your way of a “pain-free life”! ***

  • Single arm mid-rows
  • Single arm high rows
  • Single arm straight arm pull down (humeral extension)
  • Lat pull downs
  • Overhead pressing movements
  • Bent over rows
  • Deadbug movements - on the floor, 1/2 foam roll, full foam roll
  • Single arm external rotation
  • Scapular squeezes against the door jam or in the corner of a wall
  • Assisted pull-ups
  • Reverse planks
  • Single leg RDLs
  • The list goes on and on...

Again, this may seem confusing or maybe it's hard to know where to start….Let us help you. We can help to take away some of the pain you are experiencing and give you a custom program that is specific to your needs! No need to go through life with neck and shoulder pain! We are here to help ☺

***Disclaimer: These should all be performed under the supervision of a professional if you are unsure on how to perform. Please also discuss with a medical professional if you are unsure when you are allowed to start exercising.