Don’t Let Pain Hinder Your Holidays and Spirit! Get On “TOPS” Of It!

At this time of year pain can be the REAL Grinch… Don’t let the “Grinch” steal your Holiday spirit and hold you back!

Turkey stuffing, grocery stores, Christmas shopping, home decorating… Annnnddddd, great weather in Phoenix! This is the time of year when we start to get back out and run, hike, bike, etc. At T.O.P.S., we believe that getting out and moving is essential to your physical and mental health. We also understand that you may have aches and pains that arise after hibernating all summer! Not only does this affect you physically, but it’ll take a toll on your mental well-being as well. Don’t let that happen!

Especially as the holidays are approaching, there are meals to be cooked, lines to stand in, and family fun to be had. Aches and pains should not be on the forefront of your mind, or limiting your desire to do any of these activities!

Plus, your deductible is most likely already met! We have direct access, meaning you don’t even have to see a doctor before coming… you can come straight in and we will check you out, and get you started, on your FIRST appointment. We have an Osteopractor on site, which means you can get all of your dry needling, joint manipulations, or physical therapy done in one location.

Not to mention, once your physical pain is minimized, your mental clarity will improve, providing for shopping stamina, great gift ideas for those hard to shop for, and delicious meals!

As Saint Augustine said, “The greatest evil is physical pain.”

So, We invite you in, to come check out what we can do for you during these hectic holiday times, and get you running, hiking, or biking your way into 2018!!!