Treating YOU And NOT Just The DIAGNOSIS

There has been a topic we feel that we need to make very clear to our current and future patients regarding their care. TOPS Physical Therapy & Osteopractics is here to treat YOU as an individual, NOT as a diagnosis!

Although that can be considered a cliché statement, it is something we take to heart, believe in, and perform daily.

We have many people who call, text, message, and ask advice on a certain surgery or disease process, which trust me, we would LOVE to be able to give you everything in those avenues. However, there is still a personal touch required in this technology world. We are here to treat you as an individual and unique human being that you are.

Although you may get shoulder surgery for a certain diagnosis, or have knee pain after going down stairs, you are not the same as Labrum Repair surgery, patient #1,304,392.

YOU are a person:
who possibly has laxity versus stiffness;
who has a manual labor job versus a sitting desk job;
who enjoys Scuba diving vs knitting
who is a single bachelor vs a working mother with 5 children

Therefore, we refuse to follow an exact protocol of treatment and provide black and white pictures of exercises, and lump you together with every other “labrum repair” surgical patients.

WE TREAT YOU! We want to engage with you and learn all about who YOU are, so we can better treat your injury, prevent further injury, and ultimately serve you the best way we are able to do so.

What this means…you may have 5 friends who work at your office with the “same” surgery, or watch the NFL and see a quarterback playing again, or have a grandparent who is “back to normal in 5 weeks” and you’re not! Understand, there are 10+ routine surgical interventions being performed on shoulder labrums, and even if it is a “routine” surgery, the person it is being performed on, is different. Thus, even if you had the exact “same” surgical intervention as your buddy or grandparent, your healing time and life experiences are going to drastically effect YOUR pain relief, mobility, and eventual full return to all activities.

If you ever talk to an “expert” or get treated by a provider who is lumping you together with “everyone else who has the same thing”, run my friend. Run far away from them. They are assuming that YOU are exactly the same as the “average American”, but TOPS does not believe so. We believe you are a person, with your own history, and your own active future. We have treated, collectively, 100s of thousands of patients, and we have never seen two exactly the same. Not even with identical twins. Therefore, it is our goal to treat you as the PERSON you are, and not the “injury” or “surgical intervention” that you present to have on your initial evaluation.

At the end of the day… The TOPS Team is here to HELP YOU! We want to get you back doing the things you love. If you have any questions about injuries, workouts, job duties, or anything else, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL US AT ANYTIME! You can reach us by: Phone: (602)826-0037,Text: (602)826-1825, AND Facebook:  TOPSPHYSICALTHERAPY.